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The first dance will be… Any ideas?

I hold my hands up. I have judged so many couples doing their first dance, and even watched a fair few You Tube videos. Some mighty crinegworthy moments, some utterly hilarious and others not even worthy of mention.

Today, I stumbled on this list of Top Wedding Dances .  A good selection of songs, it brought up the question between me and my car sharing buddy (a bloke, in his mid-30s, getting married at roughly the same time as myself and really only interested in one thing – how much the wedding budget will eat into the savings he has set aside for a home entertainment system!). What will our first dances be? And how do you decide?

Based on our conversation, it turns out, this first dance malarky is pretty important to both the bride and groom. Below are some points on what the song should/shouldn’t be;

  • Shouldn’t be too cheesy,
  • ideally have some kind of meaning
  • hopefully a good tune so that you aren’t left standing in the middle of a large room with 100 guests watching you shuffle from side to side (perhaps some dance lessons will be in order)
  • should never ever be itsy bitsy teeny weeny by tim mallet

timmy mallett

Can’t be that difficult to pick one song? Well maybe.

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