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In Scotland, a common tradition is to have a piper at your wedding. Personally, I was not a huge fan of the bagpipes – however I recently heard a bagpipe band (if that is what you call more than one playing together!), play we will rock you by Queen. Since then, I have to say, I am quite keen on having this tradition, albeit slightly jazzed up a little, at our wedding.

Below, Johnny Gauld, A.K.A the Caledonian Cowboy tells us why he thinks a Scottish piper is a tradition best kept at your wedding.

Johnny Gauld

A Scottish piper can add much more than a few bagpipe tunes to any occasion. A piper in full dress, can be a visual and arresting sight at a wedding – with the sound of traditional tunes, create a stirring atmosphere.

The services that a piper may supply on your big day can vary. The most basic choice is to play whilst the bride and her bridesmaids arrive at the wedding venue and afterwards to pipe the happy couple and their wedding party from the venue.

A popular choice is to play for the newly married couple as they arrive at their wedding reception, then have the bride and groom piped to their seats at the meal or to cut their wedding cake.

As for a choice of tunes, well, this can range from the traditional to the more contemporary. Some wedding couples have a particular tune in mind, either because they have a connection to them or simply like them.

Most pipers opt for one of the two traditional dress options. This can be the popular and well-known outfit of Argyll jacket and Glengarry or a Doublet jacket, plaid, cross belt, spats and feather bonnet.

At the end of the day, the piper will be willing to accommodate all customers as best they can and will always be available to offer advice before and even during the event. All weddings are unique, but they do follow a similar structure and a good piper will be able to adjust to any unforeseen events that may unfold.

Playing music on Scotland’s national instrument is only a small part of what a professional piper adds to any occasion. As the Caledonian Cowboy, I have played and performed before thousands in both a piping and speaking capacity for many years at hundreds of different events. We pride ourselves in being approachable, easy to deal with, extremely competitive and 100% reliable. That’s why our customers always come back to us time after time. We really are that good!

Thanks for that Johnny!

For more info, or to get in touch with the man himself, please visit

So what do all you Scottish brides think – will a piper feature on your big day?

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I absolutely Love hearing the Pipes played at a Wedding. It is really emotional and haunting!

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