Wedding Bands – Risky business indeed

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When it comes to planning. I’m the planner in our house.

However, when it comes to the wedding, my hubby to be likes (or at least likes to pretend) to be involved. Generally, I trawl the internet and scour my magazines for ideas and inspiration and then talk them through with him. All works out fine, both parties are happy.

However, one fine day at a wedding fair, I came across a band that I loved. I knew straight away that I wanted them to play at our wedding. The other half wasn’t with me though – and the one thing he REALLY wanted, more than anything, was to be involved with the music decisions (he thinks one day he will be a rockstar – don’t they all!?!).

My mum didnt help, she gets easily carried away with all things wedding and wanted me to book Nightshift there and then. Oh the pressure – I knew I shouldn’t, but…….

I really really really wanted them!

Nightshift Wedding Band

But, I didn’t book.

Instead, I came home and told my H2B about them. Straight away I got the “that’s my area” speech. So, we listened to them on You Tube (wonders of modern technology) and he thought they were ok. Just ok.

Now, I will admit, that on YouTube they didn’t sound as good as they had done at the wedding fair. There was no convincing him though. Damn.

I didn’t stop thinking about them though. Emailed to see if they were free. They were. Called to see if they were playing anytime soon. They weren’t (this was february and they weren’t free til may). Double damn.

Desperate to secure them, I provisionally booked them. I paid the desposit and arranged to take the other half to see them in May.

So off we went, to Airth Castle, to watch them play at someone else’s wedding.

His words as they sung Billie Jean – “wow they ain’t half bad, much better live”. His words after hearing them sing Oh What a Night - “let’s book them for our wedding”.

Phew. Panic over. Band sorted.

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