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My car sharing buddy and I got chatting about guest books recently. Not really thinking about these type of things (he is a man after all), he was surprised to realise that there was more than one option available (and is now intent on using the one that I really want, damn him). Anyways..

I always feel compelled to write something in a guest book (I mean duh that’s the point of them right?!). But then, when I think back about what I write, its probably really cringeworthy nonsense, mostly alcohol fuelled and more than likely not something that the bride and groom want to read. That said, I know that I will want one. I’m not too bothered about the actual message wishing me and Chris a lifetime of happiness (I take that part for granted and assume all our guests want this without saying it), I just want something that guests can capture the essence of our day in and hope that it will be a good essence to catch.

With loads of new and interesting options to make your guest book a little less traditional, which will you chose?

Small, compact and very practical, this wedding guest box from Cutthecakedesigns is perfect for those looking for a slightly traditional twist for their guest book. Small cards ensure that guests don’t write screeds of drunken blurb and you could even get them to write down their addresses so that you have them all handy for your thank you cards! Perfect.

wedding guest box

Slighly quirkier from CustomDogBananas, and ideal for those with guests who will either want to write a book, or not know what to write is the wedding guest jigsaw! Each piece gives your guest just enough space to write congratulations. A great little keepsake for you (and the kids later on!).

wedding jigsaw 2wedding guest jigsaw

There is also the option to have a photo of you on display to be signed. Nowadays it is quite common to have an engagement shoot, or at least a pre wedding shoot with your photographer so perhaps you could use one of those?

guest book photo

Or, my favourite is the polaroid guest book. Where all your guests get to take a photo of themselves and write something next to it. The perfect way to remember everyone at your wedding and one step further to see them in the moment, on YOUR wedding day.

polaroid guest book

Or, if you are as skilled in the master of craft as Sam over at Mirrorbox then you could create your own!

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I made cute notecards in 6″ x 4″ and intended getting a cheap photoalbum after the day to put the photos of people in next to their message.

At 11.30pm I suddenly realised I hadn’t passed the cards around! :( I missed a lot of messages BUT the ones I did get were hilarious as everyone was absolutely rotten drunk by that time!!!

[...] you already know from previous posts, I car share to work with a boy. A boy who also gets married next year and talks about weddings [...]

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