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A couple of weeks back, Alison from Plans and Presents and I got talking about Wedding Planners and why some brides are not so keen to use one. A bride to be myself, I agreed with a lot of the girls and never even considered using a wedding planner for fear of losing control over my wedding day (did I say MY? I meant OUR wedding day!). However, as it turns out, that isn’t what they do after all.

Below Alison lets us in on what her role, as a wedding planner, is truly about.

“I have been thinking about this for a while, and after speaking to other Wedding Planners, and Brides to be on Wedding Forums and Social Media, I would like to share my thoughts, or rather the thoughts of many on Hiring a Wedding and Event Planner.

Sometimes people just see the word’s “Wedding Planner” and there is an automatic “Eeek!”. There is a massive preconception that a wedding planner will take over, or be really expensive.

This in part is down to the media and film.

The Wedding Planner

If you watch movies such as the “Wedding Planner”, or “Bride Wars”, a planner is portrayed as this glamorised (perhaps overbearing psycho) add to the image that the press portrays in which only the well off can afford wedding planners and you have, well an image that isn’t really true. The majority of us assist with weddings and events for everyday people.

From a questionnaire I recently did on this subject, I got the following responses on why brides weren’t keen to use a wedding planner;

  • to retain “ownership” of the day
  • being a “control freak” and wanting to keep that control
  • too expensive
  • our venue has a co-coordinator/planner”

Bride pulling her hair.

And so, to squash these ‘rumours’, Alison would like to set the record straight;

“The role of a wedding planner is to help you get the day you want. Ownership of your wedding is never lost, it will ALWAYS be your day, I am just there to help you achieve what you have dreamed of and make sure you know what you expect”

A planner’s job is to get what YOU want, within YOUR budget, and with as little stress to you as possible, and we do this by working “with you”.

It is sometimes seen that a planner is an all or nothing option, while the reality is a Planner/Co-coordinator can help you with as much or as little as you need.

A planner will use their connections in the industry to help you make cost savings and will try to work in their fee within your budget too. The service is definitely not for big budget weddings only.

wedding reception

A planner is especially beneficial to those that have busy careers, are juggling family life, or don’t live in the location where they wish to marry.

In essence your planner is your project manager and is on call 24/7.

A planner will source the very best suppliers to fit in with your budget or any specific requests.

From a venue co-ordinator point of view, yes, they will take care of all venue related aspects, but if the cars break down or the florist gets sick then the venue isn’t responsible, that’s down to you!”

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice for someone to decide if they want or need assistance to help plan their wedding day, and it is your choice to make. I suppose it’s useful to know that there are wedding planners out there like Alison who do just want to help you make your day.

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