Children At Weddings – The How To Guide

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For some brides to be, the thought of children on their big day, is one filled with horror. Crying, tantrums, spending money on dinner that most likely wont get eaten – the list goes on. But, for those that are planning on having children – Caroline from The Frog In the Field lends a hand to help you prepare!

Over to Caroline;

Photographs of smartly dressed children at a wedding are a beautiful sight – but remember that whilst beautiful, a bored child will become restless – and a restless child, does not a happy child make.

Generally, the whole day is planned for adults. Everything from table decorations, which drink is served at the reception, the rich fruit cake that almost every child hates or the silence as the first dance takes place – so if you have guests with a family coming to your big day, it makes sense to start thinking about how you can help keep them entertained.

Let me paint a little picture. If a child starts whining, one of the parents, (ultimately the mum) has to try and placate the child. Most often she will get herself all harassed and embarrassed in trying to do so. The last thing you want is one of your special friends leaving your wedding early because their children are restless and misbehaving through boredom.

The speeches are a classic example of when children can get very restless. To a child, the speeches are a time when everyone is sat in silence listening to a stranger tell jokes that just aren’t funny to them – not only that but you have to sit with a drink in front of you that you’re not actually allowed to drink!

Giving children wedding reception activities makes all the difference. With a little bit of organisation you can help keep the children at your wedding entertained. And happy children mean a happy mum and dad.

So how can you help?

  • Try giving the children a disposable camera so they get snaps of the special occasion from their perspective
  • Try to give the children sugar free drinks – they will be excited enough
  • Chocolate…(grinds teeth) someone gave my daughter chocolate at my sisters’ wedding. It ruined her bridesmaid dress. She had to walk round all afternoon with a chocolate smudge on her chest! Ban messy treats from your wedding – and offer alternatives
  • Noisy or toys that can be easily thrown. Great fun for the child, not so much for your other guests trying to listen to your ceremony or being hit with them! Instead, try to chose activities which can grab their imagination and interest
  • Hiring an entertainer can be a good thing, although it can be expensive
  • Tailor some activity bags to each child. Goodies unique to them, that they can share with the other kids or play with by themselves. These needn’t be expensive and parents love them!

Thanks Caroline – some helpful tips in there!

For more ideas on activity bags for the children at your wedding, check out

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