He proposed, now what?


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In the last few years, I have attended several weddings (4 weddings within the last 2 months!). Always amazed by the attention to detail that gets put into that one “big day”, I never imagined myself being THAT bothered by the tiny wedding details.

However, now that I have that sparkly diamond ring on my finger, and I am in the midst of all things wedding, I realise just how much all those tiny details can have a big impact on your special day.

Researching photographers and videographers, finding that dream wedding dress and perfect wedding venue alongside the bridesmaids, favours, wedding breakfast and your ideal invitations – it all takes time! And so much time….

Out here in the big wide wonder web is a plethera of information on how you should plan your wedding, some useful, some not so (perhaps like this blog) – but since I am looking anyway, I thought you may be interested in things I have founded along the way!


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Welcome to blogging! Looking forward to regular updates from the world of wedding planning. xx

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