Only 6 months til the big day

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Every day someone asks if I am prepared for our wedding, sure – of course I am. With only 6 months to go, surely, one would think, that I would be, I have to be right? Well, as it turns out, “we” still have quite a lot of preparation to do!

I have so many DIY projects to get started, so many time consuming tasks to complete, so many wedding decisions to finalise! Argh. Right, first things first, a to do list;


  • Chose a wedding band for Chris – not being a jewellery person at all, this may turn out to be a wedding watch!
  • Decide whether or not a bus is required – and if so book
  • Book a date for our pre wedding shoot
  • Finalise timings for the ceremony and chose readings, write vows
  • Choose how the ceremony music will be played
  • Pay florist deposit
  • Design invitations and other stationery required for the day
  • Attempt to make ribbon topiarys
  • Get kilts sorted for groom, best man, my dad and page boy
  • Make childrens entertainment bags
  • Buy sweetie scoops and design labels
  • Sort out photo booth
  • Buy cupcake wrappers and cake topper
  • Create various wedding signs
  • Get shoes and accessories
  • Get bridesmaid shoes and accessories
  • Pay deeposit for florist
  • Book New York (YAY!)
  • Book family break after wedding
  • Choose a hairstyle
  • Book make up
  • Thank you gifts

Wow, think I might be needing some days off work in order to get all this done. Anyone keen to lend a hand? Please!


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