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I know, from having conversations with my mother – and people of her generation, that there are certain expectations and traditions surrounding a wedding.

For me, as an only child – and in case you forgot, a girl – it seems that the expectation is that I will have a traditional wedding. No questions asked.

Me on the other hand. I’m not too sure. I know what I like, and what I don’t. If it follows tradition, then fair enough. If not, well, then I’m afraid I won’t be changing my mind just to be “traditional”.

Here are a few snippets of conversations that I have encountered of late;

  1. You must wear white, or at least some shade of white.
  2. You should be thin – or at least thinner than you are at present
  3. Flowers.
  4. A real wedding cake is a fruit cake
  5. Include all your family
  6. Be extravagant, because you will only do it once

And so, to set the record straight.

  • I shall be wearing a whiteish wedding dress (did I mention I bought a dress already?), but mum, the purple shoes, are more than likely happening.
  • purple shoes

    Although I do really really really love these by Rachel Simpson. And, I know they would look fabulous with the dress I have;

    eva wedding shoes

  • I do intend to be thinner. I’ve been trying for a while, and standing up in a room full of people is bound to make a good looking girl want to look better (and even us not so perfect ones!)
  • Flowers. Full stop, because there is no discussion. I’m not really a flowery type, but even I have to say – there are some pretty darn good florists out there.
  • Our cake, I’m afraid, will not be so much of a cake and more cakes. I like cupcakes, Chris likes cupcakes, Emma likes making cupcakes. Nuff said.
  • emmas cupcakes

  • The next one is a tricky one. Of course, in an ideal world, I would invite all our family (my mum is one of eight!). But, we don’t live in an ideal world. Chris just got made redundant, and keen to go ahead with the wedding on our chosen date and not lose out on the deposits we have already paid, the only way I can see us managing this is by cutting down the guest list. So, if you don’t get an invite to the full day, please don’t take it personally – sometimes it really is a case of needs must.
  • Being extravagant isn’t really our thing. We really do just want to get married, be married and have our friends and family there to enjoy it with us.

So, it turns out, our wedding may be slightly differnt, with a hint of traditional afterall. Who’d have thought it eh?!

Are you following any traditions or running for the hills when it comes to them?

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The one thing everyone has commented on about our wedding is how traditional is was. But don’t be fooled, tradition doesn’t always mean boring! I was determined to have a “different” wedding, to stand out from the norm, but then when I looked around, what I realised was, I wanted a wedding, not a party but a wedding.

Yeah sure I loved the short bridesmaid dresses but the girls could wear short dresses to any party, so we had long dresses for them (which they loved).

I was adamant I wanted brilliant white, despite many of the shops stocking 80% ivory/cream dresses and all the women in the shops saying I had a better complexion for cream (???).

I had a gianormous train on my dress – I’ll never get to wear a train again so why not just go for it??

We had a church wedding, daytime reception and evening buffet, but along the way we added some fun to it, giant connect 4 on the lawn, string quartet (which included a bridesmaid!) etc.

Yes we had a table plan, but it wasn’t your average bit of cardboard, yes we had some favours but they were unusual so whilst we kept to tradition we also snuck in some different things which made lots of the guests comment on how unique but traditional the wedding was.

Had fruitcake in 3 tiers and sponge in 2 for the cake which was gorgeous!

We stuck to tradition 100% (except the bouquet throw, it was FAR to heavy and probably flounted about 300 health and safety rules!). I almost went for pink shoes but I ended up with white ones that I really love.

The family thing is a funny one, but the thing I learnt is have WHATEVER and WHOEVER you want, I tried to please everyone and ended up with half the family not coming to the wedding despite inviting them all, they were still unhappy with some things. Weddings really make you realise who is there for YOU and YOUR day or who is there just to be invited.


Kate, I think that is a great comment! At the end of the day, it should be about what you want and whatever way you want to do!

It’s supposed to be one of the best days of your life, and if you plan on doing it the once, do exactly what you want to do!

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Hey i follow you on twitter.
Florist wise, i booked lotte and bloom from glasgow, shes really nice and is easy to talk to.

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