Wedding Make-Up, why go professional?

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The lovely Valerie, from Vanda Creative Moments, was kind enough to write a post about why more brides are considering having their make up done professionally on their wedding day. I must admit, I was willing to have a go (not really one for wearing much make up) but, Valerie’s post, is making me think otherwise.

And so, over to you Valerie!

Having make-up applied professionally on your wedding day is becoming one of the necessities for the bride – an affordable luxury. So why should you book one what should you look for in a make-up artist?

  • Training/experience
  • Being a professional make-up artist is more than just being good at ‘doing’ make-up.  A professional will have invested time and money training at the hands of other experts and developing their skills. They will be familiar with different application techniques for various face shapes, colouring and age and will know how to make the best of a person’s features. The professional also needs to be familiar with how different lighting affects the look of make-up.  On a wedding day in particular, a bride can be photographed in many different lighting conditions and the professional will get the right balance for both on and off the camera.

  • Rehearsal
  • Every bride has different make-up preferences. Some love wearing make-up every day while others shy away from it. There is no right or wrong bridal “look”. A bride will want to look like herself at her most radiant whether this means minimal make-up or full-on glamour.

    For peace of mind it is advisable to have a trial before the big day. That way, you can work with the make-up artist to find the style that’s right for you. It can be a good idea to let the make-up artist see you as you would normally wear make-up so she/he can judge the right balance for you. If a trial isn’t possible, a good professional with give an in-depth consultation, often exchanging ideas via email and looking at images on the internet.

  • Insurance/Hygeine
  • A must for both the make-up artist and client, ask your make-up artist if they are fully insured for both public liability and professional indemnity. Hopefully it won’t be needed but should the worst happen you will have some form of security. Affiliation with ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) or BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) are good signs. Good hygiene practices will be standard to avoid spreading infection, as an example disposable mascara wands, spatulas for removing creams/lipstick and several sets of clean brushes will be staples in their kit.

  • Portfolio
  • A professional will take pride in their portfoli, and offer a wide range that demonstrates his/her creative talents.  Look at make-up artists’ websites to see if they have a diverse portfolio of different make-up styles on different skin colours and age groups.

  • Kit
  • A bride can spend a small fortune on looking good on her special day – dress, tiara, shoes, underwear. Your face deserves the best too. This is a day for top-of-the-range cosmetics brands – a treat if you normally use more basic brands and a make-up connoisseur would expect nothing less. Buying all of these for yourself can work out very expensive, and even though you are able to buy them yourself, you may not necessarily know how to use ot apply them in the most flattering way.

  • Rapport
  • Lastly, no matter how good the make-up artist, you have to feel comfortable in their hands. On your wedding day especially you need someone you feel relaxed with, the morning preparations can be a daunting time, therefore knowing that you are in a professionals capable hands can offer great relief. A glowing bride with a happy smile makes for a good start to the day.

    Thanks Valerie!

    If anyone would like any more info, to see Valerie’s portfolio or to book bridal make-up, then please visit Vanda Creative Moments website :

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