Our Little Ring Bearer


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Our son will be three by the time we get married. Keen to get him involved in some way, we are hoping that he will be our ring bearer.


Unable to ride a motorbike up the aisle, I imagine he will want to stand next to his daddy or walk down the aisle with me and his papa. At least I’m hoping he will walk and isn’t going to want carried!

As if Callum in his kilt isn’t going to be cute enough (queue lots of ooohing and aaahing from family and friends),  I have come across some fabulous handmade ring bearer bowls and cushions, check these out;

From Paloma’s Nest, a little ceramic dish with two little holes for a ribbon and your wedding rings to be thread through – simply perfect;

ring bearer bowl

From PrinceDesignUK over at Folksy, a clay heart shaped dish covered with tiny hearts, fabulously fun;

ring bearer dish

From I do take U! A ring bearer pillow with no satin bows or ribbons in sight, a simple bird carrying a piece of thread with your wedding rings attached, traditional yet quirky!

ring bearer pillow

I have found it hard to chose – so no decisions made yet! Which one do you like best?

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I’d go for the one that can’t be dropped and broken. Accidents happen especially when you are three and everyone is watching you!

Thats a very good point Meg!! Wonder if I could even make it myself too!

The middle one! x

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