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It isn’t just us brides to be that get stressed out over our outfits or how our hair will look on the big day. Will our skin look shiny, or have that awesome dewy glow that we see in so many wedding pictures?

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Admittedly, there is a lot more choice for brides to be. With bridal boutiques offering an endless display of strapless, sleeveless, corseted, ivory, white or pink dresses and skin care counters that all seem to offer the perfect toner and moisturizer – our decisions are maybe that little bit more difficult to make, but grooms have some responsibilities to shoulder too. Standing up in front of all your guests and doing a speech as an example.

That to me would be nerve wracking……..totally nerve wracking – and I am glad I don’t need/will be expected to do that.

Luckily for all you Scottish grooms to be, those lovely girls over at the Scottish Wedding Directory are putting together a little event in sunny Glasgow to help you out. With stag do companies, honeymoon ideas, advice on skin treatments, speech writing tips and gifts for you best man and wife to be – the grooms event has everything you will need to help you plan for your big day!

The event takes place on Sunday, 3rd July, from 2pm-6pm at the Men’s Store. Tickets cost £10 per person. For more info or to book tickets, email

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