Questions to ask your wedding venue

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Finding your ideal venue can be difficult, but once you know that all your guests will fit it and you can imagine yourself walking up that aisle – there are a few questions worth asking before you sign on the dotted line;

  1. If you require a civil ceremony – is your venue licensed to carry out civil weddings?
  2. Will ours be the only wedding at the venue on our wedding day? I’ve came across several brides sharing a venue, if this was you – would it bother you?
  3. Is there ample parking?
  4. It’s traditional to throw confetti over the newly wedded couple – is this allowed?
  5. Are candles allowed to be lit in the reception room? What about balloons?
  6. Are there separate rooms provided for the wedding, reception, meal, evening reception, etc?
  7. Is there a room provided for the use of “bride and groom” for the day? (if your venue isn’t in a hotel – are you happy with the space?)
  8. Is there a dressing room that the bride and bridesmaids can use prior to the ceremony?
  9. Are decorations included or will you have to provide your own balloons, flowers, table decorations?
  10. Are you limited to preferred suppliers? Lots of venues are now stipulating which suppliers you can use, such as caterers or chair covers – often inflating prices and taking a cut for themselves….as Tesco constantly remind us – every penny counts…
  11. Will all who need access to the venue prior to the ceremony be granted this? Florists, chair covers etc.
  12. If children are to be invited, are there special facilities for them, for example areas where they can let off steam or highchairs for the meal or an area that can be sectioned off to allow them their own space/crèche?
  13. Do you have a room where you are able to store wedding presents until you are able to collect them and are you insured for any loss or damage to these presents?
  14. Do you have a preferred order of service (when and where do we cut the cake)?
  15. What time do you offer an alcohol license until?
  16. Can you adapt any menu packages to your own tastes?
  17. Is VAT included in all prices?

Be sure to leave a comment if you think I have missed anything important and I will update the list!


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